Test-Wear and Buy: Rodarte for Target

Thursday, December 24, 2009 | |

So after going to the Target in my state's largest city, only to find it tragically Rodarte-less, I visited corners of NH I never find myself in (Greater Rochester, you know what I'm talking about). But oh, did I find myself in some girly, girly, fantastic clothes. While the rib cage dress was nowhere to be found, online or in the stores, I made out like a bandit. A black slip dress with bow ties on the shoulders and a nylon lace overlay pretty much screamed my name. As did a navy slip skirt with a pleated overlay. And, my favorite of all, a textured yellow lace skirt with asymmetrical netting (the color is a little more muted in reality than it is on the Target website).

Sizing was done in the odd-numbered juniors style, and wasn't off by too much. Going up one to two sizes from normal seems to be the deal, for skirts and dresses at least. The lovely black tights are only available in stores and are one-size-fits-all, which I normally don't believe in but they wear easily. The quality was certainly better than all the previous Target/high fashion collaborations, but dear lord, invest in some Static Guard for all the silkiness and lace. Wearing the pieces in crazy dry winter weather and around animals that shed is a bit of a challenge.

Next, I shall have the black '50s/Unkle Karl inspired number below.
I'll figure out on how many occasions I could possibly wear it later. The cheetah dress and it's bows fits like a dream, but with my limited styling skills I would inevitably look like the jaded co-worker of some hooker with a heart of gold. Or something.